IsinNameType of IssueCurrencyMaturity DateIssue Status
XS0270002669Mediobanca GBP 200,000,000 Lower Tier II Subordinated Fixed/Floating Rate Notes due 2018 Series no. 161Plain VanillaGBP11/10/2018Subordinated
XS1046272420Mediobanca Issue of EUR 750,000,000 2.25% Fixed Rate Notes due 18 March 2019 Serie n. 502Plain VanillaEUR18/3/2019Senior
IT0005028052Mediobanca Issue of Euro 750,000,000 Fixed Rate Covered Bonds due June 2019 Serie no. 3Plain VanillaEUR17/6/2019Covered bonds
XS1551000364Mediobanca Issue of EUR 750,000,000 Senior Unsecured 0.75% Fixed Rate Notes due 17 February 2020Plain VanillaEUR17/2/2020Senior
XS1346762641Mediobanca Issue of EUR 600,000,000 Senior Unsecured 1.625% Fixed Rate Notes due 19 January 2021Plain VanillaEUR19/1/2021Senior
XS1615501837Mediobanca Issue of EUR 1,000,000,000 Floating Rate Notes due 18 May 2022Plain VanillaEUR18/5/2022Senior
XS1689739347Mediobanca Issue of EUR 750,000,000 Fixed Rate Notes due 22 September 2022Plain VanillaEUR27/9/2022Senior
IT0004966716Mediobanca Issue of Euro 750,000,000 Fixed Rate Covered Bonds due October 2023 Serie no. 2Plain VanillaEUR17/10/2023Covered bonds
IT0005142952Mediobanca Issue of Euro 500,000,000 Fixed Rate Covered Bonds due November 2025 Serie no. 4Plain VanillaEUR10/11/2025Covered bonds
IT0005315046Mediobanca Issue of Euro 750,000,000 Fixed Rate Covered Bonds due 24 November 2029 Serie no. 5Plain VanillaEUR24/11/2029Covered bonds