We operate in a sector subject to rapid changes. New customer needs, new regulatory requirements, new emerging risks – especially regarding cybersecurity and personal data protection – are prompting banking and financial operators to invest in technological innovation and digitalisation.

At Mediobanca, we have launched a gradual transformation of our Information Technology structure in order to adapt it to the new business methods, also by adopting automation and artificial intelligence technologies. Every group company has also developed its own initiatives and personalised the adoption and use by customers of the various digital technologies.

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Already created with an innovative product and services model, CheBanca! has developed cutting edge tools that allow customers to enjoy integrated multi-channel interaction.
During the financial year under review, work has continued on developing the CheBanca! app, and the virtual assistant or chatbots EDO featured on both website and app has been enhanced further. The assistant is able to accompany the client when they register, supporting them through the most complicated steps which historically are the ones where the highest drop-out rates are recorded. There was also further enhancement of RPA (Robot Process Automation) in 2020, allowing back office processes to be automated further. 


Over the course of time, Compass has worked to build its digital strategy and solidify it in targeted initiatives and in line with the Digital Strategy Plan previously adopted, Compass has consolidated the implementation of various initiatives which are innovative both in terms of process and technology adopted, in order to improve the customer experience of its own clients.
Some of the more noteworthy initiatives include customization and optimization of the workflow for granting loans via the internet (requests for documentation, identification, signature, approval) and for client management (accounts managed from branch offices, with on-phone loans granted to applicants who are already customers) in order to speed up the timescales and remove possible issues.

Digital loan numbers

Since the project was launched (June 2018), more than 9,700 full digital loans have been granted, involving finance of more than €71m

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