We are a banking group which strives to offer practical support to citizens and companies through a widespread regional presence. The high number of offices and sites scattered throughout Italy and abroad requires our relationship with the environment to focus primarily on the correct use and commitment to reducing consumption of water and paper and the proper management and minimisation of waste.

Water and paper

As regards water consumption, we concentrate on reducing water for the use of toilet facilities. In particular, we have fitted special aerators to the taps to regulate the flow of water.

Paper consumption is carefully monitored so that it can be managed effectively and sustainably. Since the use of paper relates chiefly to the need to print and deliver documentation and/or presentations to the customers and stakeholders, we aim to improve our performances by using recycled and/or certified raw materials, the dematerialisation of all processes and active involvement of employees, raising their awareness of the impact of their daily actions and promoting their virtuous habits.

Main paper consumption reduction initiatives

  • Purchase of paper from responsibly managed sources (recycled and/or FSC certified paper)
  • Replacement of uncertified 80 gr paper with FSC certified 75 gr paper in Italian offices
  • Use of recycled paper for some customer communications (Compass)
  • Printers configured to double-sided printing
  • Follow Me Programme: insertion of a block on all printers on the remote printing system. Every time users need to print, they must enter a access code directly. The campaign has led to a significant reduction in the amount of printing
  • Promotion of the use of virtual presentations and electronic systems during meetings with customers and stakeholders, to avoid the need for printed copies.
  • Use of IPADs for the Boards of Directors, replacing paper documentation
  • Dematerialisation of supporting documentation for expense claims
  • Development of digitalisation in commercial activities in retail banking, through video consultation of information prospectuses and paperless statements
  • Activation of electronic signature using graphology techniques, which enable customers to sign off banking instructions and carry out certain investment activities on-line (CheBanca! and Compass)
  • Preparation of an “Environment” section in training courses starting from July 2019 to increase staff awareness of environmental issues (virtuous conduct, best practice, etc)
  • Introduction of electronic lunch vouchers at Group level to replace the paper-based system previously in use
  Unit 2018/2019 2017/2018
Total paper Tonnes 558.37 352.68
Paper consumed (A4)   269.50 292.26
Paper consumed (A3)   2.38 3.77
Paper consumed (A5)   0.32 0.29
Paper for commercial use (business cards and headed paper)   286.16 56.36



The waste we produce is fundamentally linked to office activities - plastic, paper, wet waste and toner.

To reduce the production of waste, we aim to develop initiatives starting with upstream processes, such as, for example green procurement, even if we believe employee awareness-raising is an essential part of sustainable waste management.

Main waste reduction initiatives

  • The initiative was launched in Mediobanca to replace the plastic cups next to the fresh water distributors, by providing staff with a branded aluminium water bottle has been extended to the offices of MIS, Compass and CheBanca! as well;
  • Application of adhesive labels to the separate waste containers in order to raise awareness among staff members of the need for the correct separation (Mediobanca Innovation Services)
  • Provision of a personalised aluminium water bottle to all Mediobanca employees, which will help the Bank save over 1.25 tonnes of plastic each year, equivalent to roughly 3.12 tonsof CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Two hot drink vending machines have been installed at the office of MIS and one at the office Compass using bio-degradable cups and wooden spoons.
  Unit 2018/2019 2017/2018
Waste produced Tonnes 70.90 76.79
Hazardous waste   13.00 5.44
Toner   7.50 5.44
Other   5.50 ND
Non-hazardous waste   57.91 71.35
Paper wrapping and cardboard   5.38 ND
Plastic   - 0.05
Bulky, wet and dry waste   52.53 71.30

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