In the year ended 30 June 2023, the Board of Directors met 10 times, in addition to induction and training sessions.

The level of participation by the board members is high, with average attendance of  99%.

The average duration of board meetings was 4.30 hours.

The Board of Directors is called to meet by the Chairman or upon the request of at least three Board members. The Board of Statutory Auditors, or even only one of its members, may call a meeting of the Board of Directors by notifying the Chairman. The Board may pass binding resolutions even if it has not been formally called provided that the meeting is attended by all board members and all the standing auditors in office. Board meetings may also be held via video or telephone conference call.

Induction and training

The Board offers induction and training programs to sharpen Directors’ expertise and round out their knowledge of the group or specific areas of interest to the Directors. The Chairman sets the agenda based on the findings of the Board assessment, and considering any recommendations gathered from Directors, as well as the suggestions of area and control function heads.

The induction and training programmes distribute meetings over the financial year according to a timetable decided annually. In setting the agenda, the Chairman takes account of the findings to emerge from the self-assessment process, any comments from the Directors themselves, and suggestions made by the heads of business area and control units.
Each meeting is supported by documentation which is sent to participants in advance.
The following meetings and sessions were arranged during the year under review:

  • Six induction meetings for the whole Board, on the following issues: ICAAP/ILAAP; Recovery and Resolution Plans; The consumer credit market and Compass risk; Market risk and trading book valuations; Interest rate risk on the banking book; Budget process; RAF/RAS;

  • Four training meetings on the following issues (on topics of general interest and open to participation by the Directors of the Group’s other banks): Geopolitical scenarios (two meetings, one of which focused on the war in Ukraine); Mediobanca Research Area activities and publications; Sustainability issues related to the Group’s activities, and measurement of sustainability risks (focus on climate and environmental risks); IFRS 9 application.

The average duration of the induction and training meetings approximately 1.40 hours.

Meetings and minutes of the board

The minutes of the Board meetings are available in Italian