Having the most advanced skills and the right mix of knowledge is one of the key elements in capitalising on the opportunities that derive from a competitive scenario subject to constant and profound change.

Training courses, practical experience and mobility on different positions are three tools that we use to structure the professional growth and development of our people.

In fact, each of our associates is provided with a training programme based not only on skills and on the level of training and experience required by the role covered, but also on the needs, personal traits and on the evaluations received from managers.

In addition to the traditional classroom-based or e-learning training offer, we provide the possibility of spending temporary periods working at other organisational units in Italy or abroad, to broaden professional experience and encourage the growth of technical and managerial skills. This training method is especially effective in managing staff in the control functions, as also required by the Supervisory Authorities.

During FY 2021-22, a total of 157,425 hours of training were provided, 45% of which to white collar staff, 46% to middle management, and the other 8% to management. The total number of staff involved in training activities was 4,910.

During the year under review, targeted training courses were offered to improve the quality of the work done, through careful analysis of the most important soft skills. A programme of initiatives has also been implemented in order to: raise awareness of diversity & inclusion issues, develop learning agility skills,  personal effectiveness, give and receive feedback, public speaking and negotiation.


In the course of the year, multiple Group Legal Entities have continued to roll out the training
course on human rights launched in June 2019, which is compulsory for new recruits in all the
Italian-based companies. During the twelve months a total of 369 staff were involved, which is
7% of the entire corporate population, for a total of 232 training hours.

In the area of diversity and inclusion issues, a structured training programme has been launched as part of the toDEI process for all the Group’s staff. The training, which initially involved senior management,  will in due course be rolled out to the rest of the corporate population over a time horizon of 18-24 months.

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