Mediobanca hereby gives notice that the treasury share buyback programme launched on 13 November 2023 has ended on 29 February 2024. The buyback has been carried out on the terms authorized by the Bank’s shareholders at the Annual General Meeting held on 28 October 2023 and by the European Central Bank

Mediobanca has purchased 17,000,000 treasury shares (the maximum amount permitted under the programme), equal to 2% of the company’s share capital, for a total outlay of €197,959,090.60.

In accordance with the transparency regulations currently in force, the individual trades executed have been disclosed to the public at monthly intervals, starting from the month after the buyback programme was launched. The purchases have been carried out exclusively on regulated markets.

This scheme represents the first tranche of the new buyback programme envisaged in the BP2023-26 for a total amount of €1bn in three years.

Mediobanca’s share capital consisted of 849,948,824 shares, 825,784,934  of which shares in issue and 24,163,890 are treasury shares