Our Group stands apart in the Italian financial sector for its solidity and pragmatic approach to sustainability. Over time, with our team of top-tier professionals, ethics, focus on customers’ needs and respect for our historic values, we have forged a reputation of unparalleled quality, reliability and integrity in Italy and earned widespread recognition throughout Europe.

Solidity and stability

Unwavering in our pursuit of well-balanced, long-term development, we stand out for our robust, sustainable growth over the years. Our solid capital adequacy is based on constant cost and risk control, an asset quality that is unrivalled in Italy and a high capital generation rate.
We have also benefited from stable leadership for the past 15 years, on both the board of directors and within senior management, and this has fostered a long-term view and the implementation of a broad spectrum of strategies and an in-depth understanding of the business context.

Sustainability and responsibility

For Mediobanca, sustainability is, first and foremost, a responsible business approach: we prioritize strategies to achieve long-term results that ensure resilience and value creation for all stakeholders.

Our sense of responsibility translates into an ethical approach to business and the increasingly complete integration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) aspects in our operations.

Service quality and customer care

We are known for the integrity, respect, care and restraint in the way we work. Drawing on a wide range of expertise and experience, we anticipate customers’ needs, meeting even their most complex and sophisticated requirements. We constantly uphold standards of excellence for our people, services and products, made possible in part by our lean structures. Our divisions have remained boutique organizations, which speeds up the decision-making process, fostering flexibility and personalized assistance, making us invaluable partners to our customers and attractive employers for new talent.

Ability to innovate

We have excelled at combining innovation with tradition since the start. Although we are known for our prudent approach to business, we know how to seize market opportunities and respond to the needs of customers today. It is not by coincidence that we were the first in Italy to develop consumer credit, an area in which we are currently experimenting with digital innovation, which puts us at the forefront of this business again today. In 2008 we launched the first Italian digital bank, Mediobanca Premier. We are now the country’s only one-stop shop for business owners, meeting all their corporate banking and personal wealth management needs.

This ability to innovate creates real value added for our customers and improves the internal processes that sustain our operating capacity.

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Distinctive business model

Our business model is integrated and diversified into four separate businesses, giving us a solid competitive edge.

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Our values

We firmly believe that ethical, transparent and responsible conduct improves and protects our reputation, credibility and standing over time and that these form the basis of sustainable business development to create and preserve value for all our stakeholders. Our focus on ethics and our integrity in conducting business translate into impeccable conduct, without exception.

The Group operates in compliance with the internal regulations in force and in accordance with professional ethics.

In its relations with counterparties, the Group avoids any form of discrimination based on the age, gender, racial and ethnic origin, nationality, political opinions, religious or sexual orientation or state of health of its interlocutors.

As required by law, the Group guarantees confidentiality for the information in its possession.

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