Our remuneration policy reflects principles of neutrality in order to ensure equal treatment regardless of gender difference or any other form of diversity, basing our assessment and reward criteria exclusively on merit and professional capabilities.

In terms of inclusion, everyone who works for us is treated without discrimination, exclusion, restrictions or preferences, whether direct or indirect, based on: age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity or nationality, physical or mental disability, pregnancy or maternity (including adoptions), personal convictions, political opinions, or trade union affiliations or activities.

In order to facilitate the application of gender neutral policies, we have adopted a granular model for analysing remuneration data in relation to position held, which includes consideration of the responsibilities and complexity of the different roles involved.

For this reason, as well as the Gender Pay Gap, which is required to be calculated under the Bank of Italy Supervisory Instructions and the EBA Guidelines, we also perform more indepth analysis, measuring the Equity Pay Gap as well.


Equal Pay Gap

The Equal Pay Gap (which compares Equal Pay for Equal Work) analyses:

  • Equity in terms of remuneration between men and women who do similar jobs of equal importance, performing analysis by role/title/profile
  • The effective wage gap based on the number of jobs in each cluster.
  • Mapping of clusters
  • The Group population has been sub-divided by job class or cluster
    (positions of equal value) using the Wills Towers Watson methodology
  • Gap analysis
  • The wage gap has been measured only between men and women
    who do comparable jobs in accordance with the EBA methodology
    (for benchmarking purposes)
  • Gap measurement
  • The wage gap has been measured for each job class in order to identify
    the segments reflecting the greatest disparity
  • Equity Pay Gap
  • The Group’s overall Equal Pay Gap has been calculated in order to
    determine the gap for positions of equal value


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