Who really were Enrico Cuccia and Raffaele Mattioli? And who was Amadeo Peter Giannini? These names, and those of the other bankers and economists mentioned in this podcast, were much more than “just” the founders and managers of banking institutions.

They were a community, a “subtle community”, made up of common interests, culture and objectives, which had a profound effect on the history of Italy and beyond of the last seventy years.
The personalities featured in this series didn’t like to speak about themselves or to be spoken of; discretion was their byword, and their real passions were reading and writing, literature and the arts. Their vision and reputation that went far beyond “simply” leading the banks with which their names have become inextricably linked, and they helped to build the economic, social and political structures of their time.

Ferruccio de Bortoli, who is the current President of the Corriere della Sera Foundation, talks us through their lives in conversation with a variety of people, who have either experienced this world themselves or who have studied it indepth, such as Giorgio La Malfa, Giovanni Farese, Pierluigi Ciocca, Marco Magnani and Giorgio Chiarva, and takes us on a journey of discovery through some of the materials held in the Mediobanca Historical Archive.

“Subtle Communities” is a Mediobanca podcast developed in conjunction with Chora Media.