A unique position in the Italian financial market

Mediobanca is widely recognised throughout the Italian and European financial sector for its long-standing success, consistency and sustainability. In 2016, we expanded and reshaped the Group, streamlining its structure and completing the transformation from a holding company to a specialized financial group. Alongside our historic Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB) and Consumer Banking services, we created the Wealth Management division with excellent results.

Our distinctive business model is founded on highly specialized, highly profitable businesses in which we have secured a solid competitive edge.

We have evolved while upholding the qualities that have shaped our reputation and for which we are known today:

  • professionalism, quality and reliability stemming from the talent and dedication of our people (5,227, June 2023);
  • dependability, restraint and discretion;
  • responsible business approach;
  • care for our customers - both families and businesses - holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards;
  • ability to recognize the innovations best suited to improving products and services;
  • financial soundness and excellent capital adequacy. 

Our mission

“Since Mediobanca was founded in 1946, we have offered highly specialized and innovative investment advisory, consumer credit and wealth management services. We are known for our business specialization, professionalism and integrity with customers, values that have earned us an unrivalled reputation in Italy and increasingly widespread recognition throughout Europe as well.
The Group aims to combine profitability and competitiveness with uncompromising respect for professional ethics

Our services
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Wealth Management

Since 2016 business plan, the Wealth Management division has rapidly emerged as an effective growth driver as it becomes a key player in the Italian wealth management market. We have progressively redirected the offer and services provided by Mediobanca Premier (previously Chebanca!) , the digital bank we launched in 2008, now serving the Group’s Premier clients. Mediobanca Private Banking and CMB Monaco serve the Group’s private banking customers. We also offer a distinctive range of select wealth management products designed by our specialised asset management boutiques, which are continuously developed under our watchful eye.

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Consumer Banking

Compass, our consumer credit company, has always helped Italian families achieve their dreams. We pioneered the consumer credit business in Italy over 70 years ago and we are the country’s third largest consumer credit lender today.

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Corporate & Investment Banking (CIB)

Our Group's roots are in Investment Banking: we are Italy’s top merchant bank and have gained leadership in Southern Europe as well, becoming a privileged partner to companies in their most complex expansion, internationalization and financing deals.

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In recent years, this division has focused on actively managing our investment portfolio, eliminating cross-shareholdings, dissolving shareholders’ agreements and divesting non-strategic interests. Having completed this process, our portfolio now essentially consists of the investment in Assicurazioni Generali, a large source of capital and revenue driver.

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A strong, profitable group

Over the past ten years, the Mediobanca Group has nearly doubled its revenue by developing the Corporate & Investment Banking business internationally, expanding Consumer Credit, which now generates 40% of revenue, and launching the Wealth Management division.

Moreover, we have achieved this solid and steady growth over time without compromising on risks: we have substantial capital reserves and one of the best risk/return ratios in Europe.

In the year ended 30 June 2023, we ranked among the top European banks in terms of revenue growth, profitability, shareholder return and market performance, despite the increasingly challenging market context.

(June 2023)

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