10th Italian CEO Conference

Capital Market Day

Mediobanca announces the date of its Capital Market Day 24 May 2023: Strategic Plan 2023-26 guidelines

Climate and environment

We’re contributing to the global transition towards a zero emission economy and are continuing to reduce our consumption with a view to having a positive impact on the areas in which we operate.

Diversity and inclusion

Our aim is to make excellence inclusive. This is why we’re keen to valorize highly diverse competences and create an increasingly inclusive working environment, where people of every age, gender, sexual orientation, religious conviction, race, ability and cultural background can grow and develop a deep sense of belonging.

Stakeholder engagement

We see maintaining solid relations with all our stakeholders as a major priority. These relationships, which based on ongoing engagement and proactive involvement, are an expression of the sense of responsibility which the Group adopts versus our society.

Digital transformation

We help our clients to change perspective, creating a connected ecosystem through the use of technologies.

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