Access to credit is vitally important to support business growth. This is why we provide our customers with the best solutions in:

  • advisory services in the assessment of capital structures and finance solutions, considering their potential ramifications for the company’s rating;
  • structuring finance;
  • access to the international syndicated loan market;
  • facility and security agent services.

In addition to our historic Milanese headquarters, we also have offices in Madrid, London and Paris.

Our offer: corporate lending and structured finance

Corporate Lending
Our teams handle lending (bilateral, club deals and syndicated loans) to support investments and business growth. We focus mainly on medium and large companies operating in Italy and abroad.

Structured Finance
Directly managing all stages of the process, our teams provide structured finance, leveraged buyout (LBO) and management buyout (MBO) solutions that are often syndicated on international markets given their significant size.
Armed with solid experience gained in a wide array of sectors, we provide customers with advisory services that encompass the entire structuring process for the financing of infrastructure or industrial projects and investments, comprising offering strategies, the selection of the most efficient debt instruments, hedging strategies, financial modelling and contract structuring.

We also offer structured finance.

How our teams work

Mediobanca’s Corporate Lending and Structured Finance team boasts a proven track record, exceptional professionalism and expertise spanning a broad spectrum of sectors, from mid and large corps in Italy to private equity funds abroad, infrastructure funds, holding companies and financial institutions.
Our vast range of solutions ensures effective coverage of customers, consisting of corporate lending, acquisition financing, infrastructure financing, LBO, IPO financing, real estate financing and debt advisory.
We assist customers in every step of the deal, from defining the optimal financial structure to preparing the legal documentation and involving other banks or institutional investors in syndication.