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2023-26 Strategic Plan Guidelines

Leveraging on its distinctiveness and responsible approach to banking, founding values that are firmly associated with Mediobanca, the group has laid the foundations for further substantial growth in revenues, profits, profitability and remuneration.

Group ambition

With a holistic and synergistic approach between the group businesses, Mediobanca intends to establish a unique model of Private & Investment Banking emerging definitively as a leader in wealth management

Objectives by business area

The Group aims to deliver positive growth in all segments in which it operates, by leveraging on its distinctive features: a responsible approach to banking, focus and distinctive positioning in highly specialized and highly profitable business segments, driven by long-term structural growth trends, a solid capital position, and ongoing investment in talent, innovation and distribution

ESG targets in the plan

The 2023-26 Strategic Plan builds on the Bank’s foundations as a “school of responsible banking”, and entails the adoption of an integrated strategy which is able to combine business growth and financial solidity with sustainability in social and environmental terms.

Digital agenda

The IT Strategic Plan for the period 2023-26 consists of around 25 transformation programmes, comprising more than 300 projects, and involving a total investment of €230m over a three-year time horizon, an increase of 25% compared to the previous Plan (annual average).

Shareholder remuneration

Growth in shareholder remuneration to €3.7bn in 3Y 2024-26 (70% higher than in previous 4Y), €2.7bn of which in dividends and €1bn through share buybacks and cancellations.

Agenda - Speakers

During the event, you will hear more about our strategic vision, recent business developments, and future focus from leaders across the Group. The event will also include Q&A session.
Event speakers include Group CEO Alberto Nagel our business Group leadership.